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We help organizations fulfill their mission by providing a range of consulting services including: 


Board Development
We identify the skills and diversity your board needs to develop and retain a fully engaged and effective board. We assist with board recruitment, onboarding, training, retention and performance assessment.

Board Governance and Culture
We assess existing board culture and processes in the context of the strategic needs of the organization. We benchmark your board governance roles, structures, bylaws and procedures against industry best practice, and develop a plan to help you reach your desired governance standard.

Board/ED Partnership
A collaborative and constructive working relationship between the Board and Executive Director is critical to organizational effectiveness. We help you structure this partnership for success. We define roles and responsibilities, design and implement processes to address issues and help navigate conflict to engage effectively and constructively.

Executive Team Recruitment and Succession Planning
We create and execute a recruitment strategy for executive level positions, including development of a job description, media strategy, designing and managing the interview process, transition planning and onboarding of the new hire. We also design and implement a proactive succession planning process for key roles in the organization.

Executive Coaching
We provide leaders with custom guidance on how to manage people and processes to improve organizational results while building their competencies and capacity for delivering those results over the long term.

Strategic Planning

We work with organizations at every stage of their evolution – start-up, managing growth, downsizing, mergers/acquisitions and more.

Mission and Vision
We help your organization create or review its mission and vision statements to ensure continued relevance in the context of ongoing organizational and environmental change.

We work with the Board and executive management to create or review/revamp your strategic plan to ensure it is aligned with your mission, your organizational strengths and the environment in which you operate. We identify areas of growth and corrective measures to address areas of improvement.

We provide assistance with the implementation phase, ongoing reviews and course correction as required to ensure achievement of desired outcomes.


Development Strategy and Plan
We assess the current capacity, competency and processes of the development function and identify any gaps that exist in the context of organizational goals. We create customized Development Plans to enhance the organization’s fundraising capability across events, sponsorships, annual campaigns and more.

Donor Cultivation and Stewardship
We analyze your existing and desired donor profile and develop a customized donor cultivation plan that is appropriate to your size, development and industry. We identify opportunities for increased engagement and stewardship with your existing donors.

Volunteer Management
We create volunteer management programs aimed at making significant and positive impacts on agency effectiveness. We help recruit volunteers with relevant skills and commitment, develop appropriate training materials, and design and implement processes for volunteer integration.

Event Planning and Management
We review and strengthen your organization’s capability in event planning and management, as well as provide custom and specific guidance on a wide range of events.

Financial Management

Financial Planning
We review your financial plan and projections to ensure they are comprehensive, realistic and aligned with your strategic plan.

Risk Management
We assess your risk management and control processes to ensure they are comprehensive and appropriate for the scale and context of your organization.