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Brings communication access through training, research and movement building for autistic and other nonspeaking individuals across the world. HQ, Virginia, USA
Prerak Trust
Builds collaborative solutions with communities to protect water and to provide access to safe water, effective waste management. Bengaluru, India
Keystone Foundation
Keystone Foundation enhances the quality of life for indigenous people based on the ecological principle of the interdependence of natural systems, to provide the opportunity for the growth of all life in the Nilgiris Bio Reserve. Kotagiri, India
On Your Mark

Provides comprehensive services including day programs, recreational services, residential services and entrepreneurship for neurodiverse individuals. New York, USA

Hindu Family Social Services brings access to justice, access to support and violence prevention in intimate partner relationships for the South Asian Community. Florida, USA
The Nilgiris Foundation

Brings best practices developed in the Nilgiris biosphere, by the Keystone Foundation, to a larger audience, establishing a collaborative learning and enrichment center from around the world. California, USA

On Your Mark

Our mission is to serve autistic individuals with sensory, movement and communication differences by presuming competence and providing communication access and regulation support. We strive to create a neurodiverse community where all individuals – neurodivergent and neurotypical – can benefit from opportunities for learning and personal growth, collaborative and mutually fulfilling relationships, and supports and processes that foster inclusion.


The Robert Louis Stevenson School’s mission is to promote the emotional mastery needed for learning and living, bringing students into a strong academic and therapeutic environment and propelling them towards postsecondary independence and success.

What our clients say

Elizabeth Vosseller

Executive Director 

“Teamqore elevates I-ASC’s and my personal game in governance, donor stewardship and organizational development.”

I-ASC has been working with Teamqore since our inception as a non-profit organization. The combined experience the partners at Teamqore have in both for-profit and non-profit organizations is an evident strength. They deliver to a very high standard in core nonprofit areas such as board development – helping us articulate bylaws, onboarding board members, creating necessary board structure, roles and responsibilities. They have helped us recruit board members based on the organizations needs and have generated opportunities for board and ED engagement. Their donor stewardship consulting has been very rich, creating a culture of giving to I-ASC, building consistent engagement with stakeholders, providing guidance on events, supporting us in developing a well crafted development plan and mentoring us through high stakes donor cultivation.

Teamqore elevates I-ASC’s and my personal game in governance, donor stewardship and organizational development. It has helped us evolve in a very executable and strategic manner. I have used them repeatedly as my go to sounding board, and always come away with clarity and options that meet the moment. Teamqore is always alert to opportunities identifying where we need to go next; they will often prompt and guide us to look at long range opportunities outside our horizon. They aren’t just a consulting firm, they are true partners in the change that we want to create. I strongly recommend Teamqore and am confident you will find them to be an invaluable resource.

Shaun A Roberts

CFP Chair
On Your Mark Inc.

“Their input and suggestions will be extremely helpful moving forward.”

Teamqore played a major role in the the development of the committee structure for the On Your Mark Board of Directors. They assessed the Board’s specific needs, formulated a plan of implementation and assisted the Executive Board with establishing a streamlined committee structure that is both effective and efficient.

Teamqore freely shared their experience and expertise of best practice initiatives for not for profit boards. Their input was comprehensive and included in detail, the required committee structures, duties and responsibilities of each committee, compliance mandates and best practices for a not for profit board of trustees.

​On behalf of the Board of Directors at On Your Mark, Inc. I would like to express our sincere gratitude to Teamqore for taking the time to share their vast skill set with our organization. Their input and suggestions will be extremely helpful moving forward. I hope to work together again in the future.

Anuradha Hegde

Prerak Trust

“What was of particular value was Teamqore’s ability to move systematically from strategy to implementation”

The Board of Prerak Trust required strong governance to enable us to scale rapidly. Teamqore worked intensively with the Board to create a comprehensive plan, setting up robust governance mechanisms. They helped us crystallize our vision as well as revamp our board development and governance policies.

What was of particular value was Teamqore’s ability to move systematically from strategy to implementation. Teamqore also assisted us in developing our communication strategy, including website and communication templates. They mentored board members through the implementation phase and tracked their plan closely. Their result-oriented approach was key in achieving desired outcomes.

It was a pleasure and privilege to work with Teamqore, and we gained much from their experience and wisdom.