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Santushi Kuruppu
Santushi Kuruppu
Santushi has spent her 15 year career championing strong governance and stewardship of nonprofit organizations. She has worked with organizations as a volunteer, program manager, facilitator, board member and consultant, giving her a unique balanced perspective. Santushi’s experience includes strengthening board effectiveness, maximizing organization efficiency, mentoring board members and executive directors on leadership development, developing mechanisms to monitor board performance and designing governance procedures.

Santushi was the board chair of Sakhi for South Asian Women in New York City and is now an Emeritus board member. During her tenure as board chair the board was recognized by the Brooke Mahoney Award for Outstanding Board Leadership. Santushi has worked with a wide variety of organizations including gender justice, conservation, sustainable development and neurodiversity as an independent consultant.

Santushi has co-authored articles on mobile technology and its impact on sex workers in India in Human Technology, Gender, Technology & Development and an invited article in The International Handbook of Sex Industry Research.

Previously, Santushi was Vice-President Publishing for DBRS, a global credit ratings agency headquartered in Toronto, Canada, where she headed publishing across their offices worldwide. Santushi holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Bard College and a Masters of Science from Boston University in International Public Relations.